Android - Copy/Update Flight Plan

Copying flight plan files to iFMS - Android

Apart from having the ability to load and save your flight plans created in iFMS to your device locally, it is also possible to create flight plan files on your computer and transfer them to iFMS through iTunes. An example flight plan file can be downloaded from our downloads section. The installation of a flight plan file is similar to installing new navdata or a new aircraft file as explained in the previous section. Once you've created your flight plan file, connect your device to your computer and open a file explorer window. In the the file explorer, navigate to your Android device's "Download" folder (on older devices the folder is named "Downloads"), this is the folder iFMS will scan for any new navdata, aircraft and flightplan files upon startup. Copy the flight plan file you've just created into this folder. Important, a flight plan file must have the ".fp" extension for iFMS to recognise it as a new flight plan file. Now launch iFMS on your device (exit first using the "exit" option in the iFMS menu if you have not already done so). On startup iFMS will install the new flight plan and remove the aircraft file from the "Download" folder on your device. Done.