Click on the links below to download the corresponding files

iFMS in the Apple App Store:
- iFMS for iOS

iFMS in the Google Play Store:
- iFMS for Android

FStoiFMS 2.0 (updated 8-Jun-2016):
- FSXtoiFMS, for use with FSX and Prepar3D 2.X
- P3DtoiFMS, for use with Prepar3D 3.X
- P3DV4toiFMS, for use with Prepar3D 4.X
- XPtoiFMS, for use with X-Plane, Windows
- XPtoiFMSMac, for use with X-Plane, OS X
- FSUIPCtoiFMS, for use with FS9, FSX and Prepar3D if you prefer to connect through FSUIPC

- Example aircraft
- Example flightplan
- ConvertFP, a tool to convert FSX, FS9 and X-Plane flight plan files to iFMS ".FP" format