What is iFMS?

Make your Flight Simulator experience a more realistic one.
iFMS will provide you with a nearly fully functional "Boeing style" Flight Management System, A Primary Flight Display, Navigation Display and a number of 2 or 4 engine EICAS displays on your Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Build your very own home cockpit using only a few mobile devices and connect to any of the popular Flight Simulators over your local network.
iFMS can be configured for use with almost any of your favorite Flight Simulator's standard or add-on aircraft.
A number of default aircraft configutation files are included but you can easily make your own and download them to your iFMS either through iTunes on iOS devices or through file explorer on Android devices.


- Realistic Flight Planning/Tracking/Navigation
- Boeing style Flight Management System
- Boeing style Primary Flight Display
- Boeing style HSI or NAV Display
- Various 2 or 4 engine EICAS Displays
- LNAV & VNAV calculation and MCP programming
- LNAV/VNAV engine to control the aircraft autopilot
- Configurable aircraft
- Use your own created aircraft files
- Loading and saving of flight plans
- Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad
- Single portrait or side by side landscape view
- Updatable navdata through Navigraph


iFMS will run on the following devices:
- Android Phone/Tablet (running Android 4.4 or later)
- Apple iPad (3rd generation or later)
- Apple iPad Mini/Air, or
- Apple iPhone (4th generation or later)
- Apple iPod Touch (4th generation or later)

iFMS is compatible to run with:
- Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (beta at this time)
- Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition
- Microsoft Flight Simulator X
- Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (using FSUIPC)
- Prepar3D 4.X
- Prepar3D 3.X
- Prepar3D 2.X
- X-Plane 11 (Windows and OSX)
- X-Plane 10 (Windows and OSX)
- X-Plane 9 (Windows and OSX)

- Stand-alone (GPS driven)


FS2020 Support
FS20toiFMS is now available to download from the Downloads section
This version is for testing only.
There are known issues with SimConnect in FS2020, which also affect iFMS,
Hence no release candidate can be issued until the FS2020 developers get a chance to fix these.

Version 3.0.1 is now available in the App Stores,
This minor release is focused on the support of older devices running on older platforms.

Some of the new features include:
 - Reintroduced support for older devices running on older platforms (Android 4.4, Kitkat, iOS 9 and 10)
 - Additional memory conservation
 - Fixed network connection issue on some devices
 - Fixed issue with drawing holding patterns in MFD

Version 3.0 is now available in the App Stores,
Some of the new features include:
 - Brand new more realistic FMC
 - EGPWS capcability
 - Terrain view on MFD
 - Map and Plan centered modes
 - LNAV and VNAV performance inprovements
 - Custom screen layout allows users to configure size and position of individual screens
 - Programmed flight plan now visible on X-Plane MFD
 - Allowance for latest navigraph data updates
 (no size limitations)

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